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Washington Lodge No. 4

Working Towards a Brighter Future

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Washington Lodge No. 4 at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Washington Lodge No. 4 has been an institution in the Vancouver area since 1858.  One of the founding lodges of the Grand Lodge of Washington, we have a rich tradition steeped in friendship and fraternity.

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What Is A Mason

Brotherly Love

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you


Bettering the world around us through thoughtful acts and nobler deeds


Finding Truth In The Light of knowledge and self-discovery

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“The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“Masonic labor is purely a labor of love. He who seeks to draw Masonic wages in gold and silver will be disappointed. The wages of a Mason are in the dealings with one another; sympathy begets sympathy, kindness begets kindness, helpfulness begets helpfulness, and these are the wages of a Mason.”

Ben Franklin

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4607 NE St James Rd, Vancouver, WA 98686

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